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April 23rd, 2021

Our Debut Single: Fringes

Pre-Save it here

Artwork by Hannah Labonte

Well . . . it’s finally happening.

We celebrated our fourth birthday just a few weeks ago. And this whole time, we’ve gone without releasing our own music. It’s been pressing on our domes for the past couple of years, but the pandemic was the last ingredient needed to make it glaringly obvious that it was time. 

We’re really proud of the incredible community that has formed around our music over the years. Live music. That’s something special. People who came out to shows didn’t do so because they took a listen to our music on spotify and thought, ‘I approve’. They came because a friend brought them, or because Jamie’s poster looked too good to pass up, or because we we’re playing their favourite rapper’s tunes. Word of mouth

We don’t ever want that to change. But with this release (and those upcoming!), you can take the music home with you and share it with those near and far. Fringes is our first single for a reason. It’s the song we’ve felt our community connect with every time it’s heard. Nowadays, there’s rarely a show it isn’t played. 
- B

January 29th, 2021

We Have A Website!

You’re here! That’s exciting.
This is Good Information Central. This is where you can find regular “blog” posts for insights on music, projects we’re working on, show’s we’re planning, the works . . . 

I suspect lots will change as we figure this out. Thanks for stopping by.
- B 

September 17th, 2020

We Tried to shoot a Music Video 

Viv and Lex
We’ve been connected to Edmonton’s design and photography communities for a minute. Over the past couple of years, two amazing visual storytellers, Alex Milo and Vivian Han-Tat, have been strong supporters of our music. Eventually we could expect to see them in the crowd at every show. When we started to think about releasing music, they reached out about working on a video with us. A year later and . . . it didn’t quite end up happening. 

Instead Edmonton Happened. An unexpected snowfall and a sudden 10-degree shift in the weather. In mid-September. We found ourselves running to our cars between takes to bring back the feeling in our hands. Who knew air-playing was so hard. What we did walk away with were some good laughs, a great story, creative partnerships turned into deeper friendships, and some unbelievable photographs gracing this website and (soon) a few other spots.

Oh, and about one-third of a music video.

Thanks to Foosh for the threads.
We’re looking forward to when this dream video can come to life.
Biboye ︎︎︎

Sometime Last Summer

Connell Copped a Studio Space 

With Lukas heading into med. school, Andre and I (Biboye) doing our victory lap at MacEwan’s music program, Connell was 2 years out of school and slowly looking out for a studio space that wasn’t his bedroom.

Thanks to the ever-connected world we live in, Connell copped a spot just a walk away from school. After just a few rehearsals here, it feels like home. I’m so excited about all the sounds that have and will take shape here.

That’s All Folks

︎s by Vivian Han Tat